Mike Pence's pro-Israel tweets really couldn't have gone worse


Mike Pence is here to support Israel, so he’s…throwing up that Nicaraguan flag?

As the veep began his speech for the Republican Jewish Coalition on Friday, the @VP social media team decided to reiterate his pro-Israel stance by tweeting out its flag.

Unfortunately, they tweeted the Nicaraguan flag instead: not once, but twice.

Someone please tell the Pence social media team that’s the flag of Nicaragua, not Israel pic.twitter.com/6KpfsCOCV6

— Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) February 25, 2017

As much as we’d like to find a “to be fair” caveat here, there really isn’t one. The flags both have blue stripes, we guess, but let’s face it: They just aren’t that similar.  Read more…

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