LG G6 ushers in a new era of smartphones with huge screens


How much bigger can your smartphone screen become? You’re about to get the answer.

LG just announced a new flagship phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona — the LG G6. Although it’s not all screen on the front, it’s pretty damn close. And it’s widely rumored that Apple and Samsung will also try to reach that goal on their upcoming flagship products.

The phone has, as LG puts it, a 5.7-inch screen in a 5.2-inch body, and it looks impressive. The phone feels tiny for today’s phablet standards, and yet it has a beautiful 2,880×1,440-pixel screen. It also has rounded corners, which make it harder to break if it falls. They’re also a subtle visual detail that makes the device look a lot more elegant.  Read more…

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